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HomeGuard Festival

Protecting Kansas City's musical homefront.

In the most prevalent days of the Hobo culture, as men would hop trains bound for other destinations, there were a few brave souls — known as the home guard — who volunteered to stay behind to protect the camp. Taking inspiration from these men who swore to protect their ground, Money Wolf Music and The Monocle are proud to present the annual HomeGuard Festival in Kansas City, MO.

Every year a large number of the city's esteemed musical family make their way down to Austin, TX in March to represent our beloved city in the famed South by Southwest Festival. The HomeGuard Festival has been established to ensure the rich legacy of live music in Kansas City is preserved for the fans who stay behind.

HomeGuard Festival and the people behind it

The HomeGuard Festival is the musical love child of Kansas City artists Tommy Donoho (Money Wolf Music) and Christian Hankel (The Monocle). At its core, the festival is our way to "keep the homefires burning" for the KC musicians that are traveling to Austin, TX to perform for the Midcoast Takeover at the South by Southwest Music Festival. However, this Money Wolf Music / The Monocle joint venture is more than just an homage to our traveling brothers and sisters. It is also our testament to the quality and diversity of the Kansas City musical and cultural experience, a celebration of our great city and its community of artists.

Money Wolf Music

Tommy Donoho and Money Wolf Music

Tommy Donoho is the singer/songwriter behind Kansas City's powerhouse Americana band, Dollar Fox. He's a ravenous consumer of music, collecting vinyl not to sit on a shelf but to be played and enjoyed. Tommy believes that people can do more and better work as part of a community, and he refers to his projects as his "family."

Tommy co-founded Money Wolf Music with Dollar Fox band mate Justin Penney in 2010. Since then, they have released nine albums by eight bands, and developed their popular and successful Secret Show format, in which tickets are sold to an intimate show in a location that is disclosed on the day of the event.

Money Wolf Music is a collective and an improvisation. A production house and a record label. A group of friends, artists, collaborators and vendors working to provide musicians with the outlets they need to create and support their art.

Money Wolf Music

Money Wolf Music

Christian Hankel and The Monocle

As a long-standing contributor to the Kansas City music community, Christian Hankel is known throughout the area as a prolific and highly creative artist. As a founding member of local bands Alacartoona and The Hillary Watts Riot (both part of the Money Wolf Music family), he has become a familiar face on the stage. Off stage, Christian is widely known as an outspoken champion of Kansas City and its arts community.

Christian co-founded The Monocle in 2011 as a performing arts production company. His goal is to create new ways fund artistic projects, and to create sustainable, reliable income for Kansas City performing artists.

The Monocle is a collaborative ensemble of actors, singers, composers, and producers who draw on a deep knowledge of the arts of the past to create fresh, live theatre and music for today's audiences.

The Monocle

Photos & Press

Photos by Michael Byars

Michael Byars volunteered to be our official photographer for the whole weekend. Along with all the great shots of the musicians, Michael also captured some intimate moments with the audience and with the HomeGuard crew. Go...


KCLiveMusicBlog spent Friday evening with us and captured some beautiful images. Go...

The Pitch

David Hudnall from The Pitch met with Tommy and Christian to talk about the upcoming festival. Go...

I'll Fly Away - Sam Baker and Friends

One of our guests at the Sam Baker house concert captured this video of Christian, Kevin, Tommy, and Ethan joining Sam for a song.

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Tommy Donoho: tommy@homeguardfestival.com
Christian Hankel: christian@homeguardfestival.com

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